Hello Skosh! I was treated to this delightful gem of a restaurant for my birthday last year. I am ashamed to say that this is the sole photo I managed to capture of the scrumptious, delicious, gorgeous meal I had there.

(This is not an advert! Just the rave review of a happy customer.)

Normally I’m not one for “Small Plates”. “Small Plates” on the menu of a restaurant reads to me as code for “Miniscule portions of food we can charge you an arm and a leg for in the name of being fancy”. Skosh was a pleasant deviation from this. Yes the portions were in keeping with the description, but not skimpy. Actually, the amount of flavour packed into each bite kept me in anticipation of what delights would arise in each forthcoming plate, so I didn’t mind the small plate aspect of this meal at all.

Their menus change periodically, and so I cannot tell you with certainty what we ate from last year. I’m remembering an inventive egg dish, which I believe is still on the current menu (hen’s egg with dale cheddar, mushroom, and sherry) served in an egg dish looking deceptively like an egg that you would dip soldiers into. Their Instagram has reminded me of a tasty pigeon “tikka” with kholrabi-vanilla slaw. I thought I was pregnant at the time, so with pain, I watched my husband devour a veal or beef tartare (a veal tartare is still on the menu). This dish actually was portioned more like an actual starter, rather than a “small plate”. I believe we had the Chinese style dumplings, which I have to say, as delicious the flavour was, were the ponciest dumplings I’ve ever had in my life (Taiwanese roots here!).

As for the dessert… it was food wizardry I tell you. You and I will remain forever in suspense, as I cannot find it on the current menu, and there doesn’t seem to be anything similar to what we had posted on their Instagram account. Judging from my photo & my husband’s memory, it was a creamy alchemy of tonka bean, parsnip crisps, passion fruit and pastry. We also had a beignet of some sort sort of custardy milkshake delight. And if that wasn’t enough, they threw in some petits fours as it was my birthday – how very kind of them.

The restaurant is in York and on the Michelin’s Bib Gourmand Guide – a great way to try fine dining at a reasonable price. If you are local to the area, do consider supporting them in this current tough Covid-19 time and saying “Hello Skosh!” yourself! x

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