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My best friend nagged me for years to start a Food & Travel blog. Alas the pandemic put an end to my adventuring ways. As a result, I’ve ended up falling into writing about makeup and skincare, as I’ve always been fascinated with beauty from a young age. My skin type & colour do not fit neatly into the industry box, and it’s always taken a lot of research and effort for me to find products that work. Due to my day job, I tend to look to the evidence to understand the molecular mechanisms behind the ingredient, and whether there are any clinical trials to support the claims. I want to give you honest reviews, and share what I’ve found in my research along the way.

Sometimes I also paint. It’s a rather new hobby, and I’m still finding my style.

Please join me on my journey, and do come say hello on Instagram or Youtube @theartbeaute x

The products I recommend work for my skin type and tone. When technical details are cited, I will include the references or links. I am not a dermatologist, but I do work in a health-related field. Unless specified, all written and visual content is my own. Please do not use without my permission.

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