Chanel Les Beiges Touche de Teint Water-Fresh Complexion Touch, Les Beiges Eau de Blush Water-Fresh Blush

I picked up the new Les Beiges Touche de Teint foundation (Water-Fresh Complexion Touch) and the new Les Beiges Eau de Blush (Water-Fresh Blush). These are the newest additions to the Chanel line, and from what I understand, permanent additions. I have confirmation from the Chanel MUA at my local counter that the original Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint is not going anywhere – hallelujah!

Les Beiges Touche de Teint Water-Fresh Complexion Touch Foundation

For me, the Touche de Teint foundation was a no-brainer, as I love the original Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint. The coverage of the Water-Fresh tint is very light, but it does something magical to the skin, especially in photos. I’ll do a separate post on this product at some point. I have demo’d this product a few times in my Instagram stories.

The Touche de Teint promises to “even, illuminate, hydrate & conceal”. It contains three times more pigment than the Water-Fresh tint, and like the rest of the line is water based. It also contains antioxidants and emollients (information from the product page on Chanel). I see glycerin, caprylic triglyceride, and sodium hyaluronate – all ingredients that hydrate the skin; and according to their description, tamarind seed extract is also a skin hydrator.

This is the first foundation I’ve tried from Chanel that is fragrance-free!! Another hallelujah! Ironically I only realised this after having this product for a week because when I had tried it at the counter, the MUA had used the No1 serum in mist and the Hydrafresh serum and moisturiser, both of which are quite fragranced.

The Touche de Teint itself is marketed as a concealer/foundation hybrid. Foundation yes, concealer no. The No1 de Chanel foundation I find has more of a “concealing” effect than this one. But this one is definitely more pigmented than the original Water-Fresh Tint. The Touche de Teint is buildable to a point, but at maximum I’d say it’s still a light, maybe light-medium coverage.

What I do love about this & the original Water-Fresh Tint are that they are both so beautifying. They give an instant “healthy glow” to the skin, evening out the skin tone and reducing redness. I think that the fact the Touche de Teint does not truly conceal lends itself to the natural effect that it gives. Like the original Water-Fresh Tint, the Touche de Teint is also very beautifying in photographs.

This is a still from a GRWM I posted on Instagram. It hasn’t been retouched or filtered. You can just see what a natural healthy glow there is – the only complexion products are the new Les Beiges Touche de Teint foundation & the Les Beiges Water-Fresh Blush. There is some extra pink blush (Lisa Eldridge Pink Poetry), but no highlighter or concealer.

After playing with the new Touche de Teint for a some weeks, I believe this one is better for cooler weather as it’s got an emollient effect that the Water-Fresh Tint does not have. I’m putting this down to the caprylic triglyceride, which is not in the Water-Fresh Tint. Oilier skin types will probably find this too much for their skin in hot weather. The original Water-Fresh Tint is much better for hot weather. It feels cooling on application, and then feels completely weightless on the skin. Whilst the new one also feels weightless on the skin, it has an emollient effect that can veer to be a little bit greasy if it’s super hot. I brought the original Water-Fresh tint on a recent trip to France, where there was a heat wave, and this was all I wanted to wear, it was perfect in the heat.

Travel brings me to the next point – the packaging. I love that it’s pared back and minimal, without excess materials. It’s a small cylindrical tube with a pump which you can control the amount dispensed. Yes it’s only 20 mL of product, and I love that Chanel haven’t tried to make the bottle look bigger than it is. It is truly a space saving product. I’m so grateful as I travel a lot, and this is just the perfect size. The Water-Fresh Tint on the other hand has, what I’d call, excess packaging, and isn’t very space saving. Adding to the fact that I need to mix 2 shades of it, it isn’t the easiest item to bring on a trip!

That brings me to the shade range for the Touche de Teint. It seems like a decent range when compared to the Water-Fresh Tint, but it isn’t all encompassing. There are 16 shades available.

The lightest is B10, which is what I wear, and is a perfect match for my winter transitioning to summer skin tone. I think once summer is over, it might be a tad light, but it’s always easier to correct a too light foundation with bronzer than to try to lighten a too dark one. The darkest shade appears to be BR172, an odd choice in my opinion. Acutally the three darkest ones they’ve gone with are all pink undertoned shades. I’m not sure why they haven’t just gone for neutral shades, as anyone who is dark skinned but yellow undertoned won’t really be able to wear them. On the light end of the spectrum, my skintone is light enough that it is often not catered to (better these days than 5 years ago), but I’m also not the palest of the pale, so anyone more pale than I am might struggle. That said, this seems to be a product that is meant to be worn in the summer.

A side note on the Chanel shade numbering. B is neutral undertone, BR is pink undertone, BD is yellow undertone. At least in this Touche de Teint and the No1 de Chanel foundations, I can confirm that the neutral shade is neutral, as I am neutral undertoned and both have been perfect matches. For my thoughts on the No1 de Chanel Foundation, check out my post here.

Les Beiges Eau de Blush

I was going to pass on the Eau de Blush, as they didn’t seem to impart much colour, as shown in the promo videos on the Chanel website. But, when the Chanel MUA at my local counter popped the Warm Pink on me, I was sold. Surprising, as this sort of tawny pink colour isn’t something that I normally gravitate to, as colours tend to pull orange on my face. Hence, I tend to go for quite cool pink/purple toned blushers. It might be because the Eau de Blush gives a rather transparent effect, like you’re blushing from within. Or perhaps because we’re in mid-summer, and I’m craving that sun-kissed look. A tawny pink on me acts more like a bronzer than an actual bronzer, which often just makes my face look dirty.

This Warm Pink Eau de Blush colour doesn’t swatch well, as in photographs it appears more orange-y than it is in real life, which is more of a warm, tawny, sunkissed pink colour. I guess “Warm Pink” is a good name for it. It is rather unfortunate that my local counter didn’t have all the shades, as I’m rather intrigued with the Intense Coral now!

The Light Pink colour barely registered on me, and like I mentioned already, I’m rather pale-skinned. So I’m not sure who they’ve marketed this Light Pink Eau de Blush for. It feels more like this product isn’t meant to be a blusher per se, but more in keeping with the Les Beiges aesthetic, of a cool girl with an easy-going, natural, sunkissed vibe. Most of the Eau de Blush shades seem to be more like blush/bronzer colours, and that’s probably more how I would wear mine. I have been adding a bit of a brighter pink to mine on to give my face a little bit more life, as that is what suits me. But if say you had Gisele Bundchen colouring, the Warm Pink on it’s own would probably be a very natural pretty sunny blush colour for you.

Swatches & demo’s of the Les Beiges Touche de Teint, Water-Fresh Tint, and Eau de Blush

Want to see the Touche de Teint and the Eau de Blush in action? Check out my longer demo & review video for the Touche de Teint and the Eau de Blush onto YouTube.

For swatches of most of the shades, I’ve popped a short video with the Touche de Teint and Eau de Blush swatches onto YouTube and TikTok. I shamelessly swatched all the testers at my local counter, but I did them in a bit of a hurry, so they are a little messy!

I’ve also created a head-to-head comparison video demonstrating the Touche de Teint vs the Water-Fresh Tint, which is available on Instagram.

Please do check these out!

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